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Tips to Prevent Residential Break-Ins

Burglaries can be financially as well as emotionally draining. Unfortunately, they can happen anywhere and at any time, no matter what neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA you may live. Burglaries are an ongoing threat, and it’s difficult for the police to track down the criminals after the break-in has occurred. The good news is there are some things you can do to help prevent break-ins from happening to you and your family. Here are a few tips that Stalwart Insurance recommends to help prevent your family from being the victim of a break-in.

Don’t Advertise an Unoccupied House

Burglaries are most like to happen when your home is unoccupied, especially for long periods. Although many people assume that burglaries occur at night, the truth is they are more likely to occur during the daytime when people are at work and school. It’s essential to create the illusion that someone is always at home. When you leave for work, leave the television or radio on and leave a light on or use a timer for lights. When going on vacation, be sure to have mail and newspaper deliveries held until you return and use a timer on various lights throughout the house that is set with different activation times.

Install Secure Windows, Doors, and Screens

A burglar can enter through either doors or windows, so it’s essential that you ensure all entry points are secure. Screens should be free from damage and fit securely in the window frame, and all windows should have operating locks. Some entry points, such as sliding glass doors, especially older styles, are sometimes easy to breech. To help reduce the risk of a burglar getting in through a sliding door, use a security bar, which is placed at the bottom of the door to prevent it from being slid open should the lock be breached. Make sure all windows and doors, including garage doors, are installed correctly and secure.

Burglar Proof Landscaping

Thieves search for homes that allow them to get in and get out without being noticed. Overgrown shrubs, trees, and bushes are the perfect hiding place for a burglar, so make sure to keep all plants trimmed and well-manicured, especially the ones that are in front of windows. Tree branches should be pruned because they can be used as a support for climbing onto the roof or into second-story windows. Make sure to use lighting on walkways, the driveway, and near entry doors.

Burglaries often survey potential victims before they break-in. They will look for habits, such as the time you leave for and return home from work. They also pay attention to what types of expensive items you are buying by looking through your trash, so instead of placing boxes from valuable items, such as television sets, outside with the trash, break down all boxes and put them inside the trash containers. If you notice any unusual people lurking around the neighborhood, be sure to contact the police right away.

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