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I Purchased Life Insurance. Now What?

So, you finally did it. You realize you aren’t immortal. You also realized that if you died, that would severely financially inconvenience your family. So, you bought life insurance. For the most part, all you have to do is pay your monthly premiums and not commit suicide for the next two years. There are a few things you may want to tell your beneficiaries so that they can collect when the time comes. 

What Your Beneficiary Needs 

When the time comes, your beneficiary will need to get a copy of your death certificate. It’s a good idea for them to have a few copies of this. It’s also important that your beneficiary contacts the insurance company as soon as they can. They will need the claim form, too, so they can get to it. If you keep it in a safe, ensure they know the combination or have a copy of the key. (Notice that psychics who claim to talk to the dead never seem to know lock combinations.) Generally, the claim will be paid within 30 days of the insurer receiving the necessary documents. Make sure your beneficiary knows who you’re insured with. 

What Is Covered

Your beneficiaries will be compensated in the event of just about any form of death. The only exceptions are suicide within two years of purchase of the policy and homicide at the hands of the beneficiary. 

Contact Stalwart Insurance Serving Pittsburgh, PA 

If you live in the Pittsburgh, PA, area and are looking into purchasing life insurance, please get in touch with Stalwart Insurance. Our sagacious and courteous agents will do all they can to help you get what you need and help your beneficiaries collect what they deserve. 

How much life insurance do I need?

If you’re wondering how much life insurance you may need, several factors must be considered. At Stalwart Insurance, we pride ourselves on helping Pittsburgh, PA area families protect themselves from unexpected events.

The amount of coverage you should have depends on your individual financial situation and lifestyle and the number of dependents you may have. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to purchase a large enough policy to cover all of your debts and expenses in the event of your death. This includes any outstanding mortgage or loan payments, college tuition for children, funeral arrangements, and more. 

In addition to considering your current financial needs, consider what other expenses may arise in the future. For instance, if you plan on having more children or sending them off to college someday, those costs should be considered when determining how much coverage is necessary. You’ll also want to ensure the policy provides enough funds for your survivors to live comfortably without worrying about finances. 

Ultimately, the amount of life insurance coverage right for you will depend on factors such as income level and family size. An insurance agent can help answer any questions you might have and provide personalized recommendations for policies best suited to your needs.

If you have any questions about your life insurance policy, how much life insurance you need, or whether you should get a whole life insurance policy or a term life insurance policy, call us at Stalwart Insurance today. We proudly serve the Pittsburgh, PA area

Is it time to adjust your life insurance?

The team at Stalwart Insurance is here for our clients in the greater Pittsburgh, PA metro area. If you are unsure if your current life insurance policy meets your family’s needs, we are here to help. Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to help you make an informed decision to protect your family.

Why your life insurance needs may change over time

When your family is young and growing, your main concern is protecting your children’s future should something happen to one or both parents. As time passes, you may now be considering the future of a surviving spouse or other similar needs. Fortunately, there are life insurance policies available that can protect you and your family through these stages and more.

With a variety of whole life policies, it is possible to accumulate a cash value within the life policy. This can allow you to provide funds for many of life’s big expenses, such as college tuition, the weddings of your children, and ultimately, retirement. Because of this cash value accumulation, whole life is a flexible vehicle that can protect your family’s needs across decades.

Term life is more of a temporary solution because it only provides a death benefit. However, if you have determined that a term life policy best fits your needs, you will need to ensure that the coverage level changes with your needs.

Is it time to adjust your life insurance? Give us a call today

At Stalwart Insurance, we know the important role that life insurance plays in protecting our families. If you are a resident in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, let us help you find the policy that’s right for your family. Call our office today and schedule a consultation to find out more!

5 Benefits of Life Insurance

If you’re the main breadwinner in your family, your family can greatly benefit from the financial stability that life insurance can provide. In the event of your untimely demise, life benefits can provide financial support for your spouse, children, parents, siblings, or anyone else you desire. Here are just a few of the many benefits life insurance from Stalwart Insurance has to offer.

Cash to Replace Lost Income

Life benefits can replace the income that’s no longer there due to your untimely demise. This can help your family carry on. Your loved ones will have financial support to pay rent or mortgage on your Pittsburgh, PA home, monthly bills, school needs, medical bills, and more.

Financial Help for College

Life benefits can be designated to help put your kids through college when the time comes. The high cost of college can be a burden to many families if not planned for. By planning, you can help your kids get the education they need for a better future.

Support for Aging Parents

If you’re single, you can name your parents as beneficiaries of your policy to provide financial support for their retirement or end-of-life medical costs.   

Pay Off Debts

Like many people, you may have debts ranging from a car loan to student loans to a home mortgage in Pittsburgh, PA. If any of these debts were co-signed by your spouse or other family members, they would be responsible for paying them off after you’re gone. Life benefits can be used to liquidate your debts, so others don’t have to bear this burden.

Funeral Costs

The high cost of funeral services can set your family back financially. Life insurance can help pay your funeral costs, so your family doesn’t have to cover these costs.

To learn more about life insurance options and costs, contact Stalwart Insurance.

What Are the Differences Between Term, Whole and Universal Life Insurance?

It’s understandable why people don’t want to think about it, but everyone needs life insurance. It’s usually better to bite the bullet and get a plan, so you don’t have to worry about it. When you’re shopping, you’re going to find a lot of options. The only hope of picking the best policy is to understand the main classifications of life insurance. That’s why Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA made you this quick guide to differentiate between term, whole, and universal life insurance.


This is probably the most common policy you might get from an employer. The name says it. The insurance policy covers a preset term or time. The period is usually 10 to 30 years (it will be fixed when the policy is chosen). You pay a fixed monthly payment, and there is a predetermined payout. Once the term expires, a new one has to be negotiated.

Whole Life

Like the name implies, these policies cover your entire life. The premiums are usually higher because these policies are guaranteed to eventually mature. The premiums for whole life are typically fixed, but the money you put into the account can appreciate, and it is tax-deferred. This allows the policy to grow beyond your contributions, and the final payout can be much bigger than what you might get for a comparable term policy.


This is also a permanent insurance plan, but it differs from whole life in several ways. First, universal policies typically have flexible premiums. These accounts are more directly tied to investment performance. The money you put into the policy is invested by the insurer, and the idea is for it to grow over the course of your life. Because of the flexible premiums and reliance on investment performance, the payouts of universal policies are less predictable.

This should be enough to get you started, but you ultimately want a customized insurance solution. A quick chat with your Stalwart Insurance representative in Pittsburgh, PA can ensure that you know what you’re getting into, and that it’s the right fit.


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