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Reasons Home Insurance is Important

A house is usually one of the most expensive purchases a person will make in their lifetime. The agents at Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA are stressing the importance of home insurance and want you to know what coverage options are available.

Home insurance policies are designed to protect people’s homes and personal property that they own. This insurance can become the primary source of funding if there is a loss of the home or damage to it and repairs or replacements are needed. Also, most people take out a mortgage loan when they purchase a house, and their mortgage lender will require that the homeowner have home insurance coverage in place.

Types of Home Insurance Coverage Options

The primary coverage of a homeowners policy includes the structure of the house itself as well as any attached structures, fixtures, appliances, furniture, and personal belongings. It will also cover injuries that may occur from some type of accident on the property. There are also various other coverage options that people can choose from when they create their home insurance policy with a trusted agent.

Some of these additional options include medical payments, unattached structures on the property, additional living expenses, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, sewer backup, umbrella liability, and personal property insurance. All of these coverage options are in addition to the basic home insurance policy you would have in place, and they are all helpful to have secured.

To determine which types of coverage options you want to be included in your home insurance policy, you will need to contact an agent that is experienced with home insurance and has the knowledge and skills to guide you through the process, so you have an adequate amount of home insurance for your situation.

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