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The Pizza Guy Tripped Down The Stairs, Now What Do I Do?

So you finally moved out of your parents’ house. You found an apartment in your budget. It’s on the second floor of a complex, but it’s private, and you’ve got a front patio with a great view if you like views of parking lots. You have got a job, and you’re paying your own way. Your parents encouraged you to get renters’ insurance, so you did. One evening, you didn’t feel like cooking and ordered pizza. You got your pizza, but immediately afterward, the delivery guy slipped on his way down the stairs. Now what?

Do First Aid

First, put down the pizza and see if the delivery guy’s OK. If he’s unconscious, call 911. Even if he’s unconscious but comes to, call 911. Ask if he’s hurt anywhere. Treat anything that’s obviously bleeding. Fractures must be handled gingerly and only treated by a professional. Don’t let him move around too much, as he may have a spine or neck injury. The 911 operator will give you full instructions based on the situation. Keep him still and breathing. You may need a pillow to keep his head in one place. If he wants to call his employer or family, assist him so he doesn’t move too much. If your landlord is on the premises, you can inform him that an ambulance is coming and why.  

Assess the Situation

While the paramedics handle the delivery guy, you can assess what caused the fall. Is anything on the stairwell broken? Too icy? An item carelessly left there? Take pictures. As soon as you can, let your landlord know what happened. Contact your renters’ insurance company. Have your policy number ready, along with other useful documentation. The pizza guy will want workers’ compensation, and if the pizzeria doesn’t have commercial insurance, they’ll try to get money from somewhere else, but you’ll be ready. 

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