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Reasons Home Insurance is Important

A house is usually one of the most expensive purchases a person will make in their lifetime. The agents at Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA are stressing the importance of home insurance and want you to know what coverage options are available.

Home insurance policies are designed to protect people’s homes and personal property that they own. This insurance can become the primary source of funding if there is a loss of the home or damage to it and repairs or replacements are needed. Also, most people take out a mortgage loan when they purchase a house, and their mortgage lender will require that the homeowner have home insurance coverage in place.

Types of Home Insurance Coverage Options

The primary coverage of a homeowners policy includes the structure of the house itself as well as any attached structures, fixtures, appliances, furniture, and personal belongings. It will also cover injuries that may occur from some type of accident on the property. There are also various other coverage options that people can choose from when they create their home insurance policy with a trusted agent.

Some of these additional options include medical payments, unattached structures on the property, additional living expenses, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, sewer backup, umbrella liability, and personal property insurance. All of these coverage options are in addition to the basic home insurance policy you would have in place, and they are all helpful to have secured.

To determine which types of coverage options you want to be included in your home insurance policy, you will need to contact an agent that is experienced with home insurance and has the knowledge and skills to guide you through the process, so you have an adequate amount of home insurance for your situation.

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Why should I get renters insurance in Pittsburgh?

If you are looking for a new city to move to, Pittsburgh, PA could be a great option. This part of the state offers many amenities, including access to a large city, sports teams, and plenty of good restaurants. If you are looking for housing here, renting a home can be a good option. It would be best if you also got the right insurance along with choosing a new rental property. There are various reasons to get renter’s insurance in this area. 

Comply with a Lease

An essential reason for anyone to have this insurance in this area is to comply with the lease. Most property owners will want tenants to carry renter’s insurance due to its value and protection. If you do not have this insurance, you could find yourself in default of the lease agreement. In many cases, you will need to provide evidence of insurance coverage before you move into the new home. 

Receive Helpful Coverage

It is also a good idea to have this insurance due to the coverage it provides. A renters insurance plan offers various forms of insurance support and coverage. This can include coverage for your personal assets and liability insurance. This can ensure you are supported in some otherwise challenging situations that could result in a personal loss or claim. 

Before moving into your new home in the Pittsburgh, PA area, it is vital that you get the right insurance for it. As there are a lot of important choices to make when looking for this coverage, it would be a good idea to call Stalwart Insurance. The team with Stalwart Insurance values this type of coverage and will provide the support you need to build your next policy. 

Four Ways Umbrella Insurance Can Help You Avoid Financial Ruin

Umbrella insurance is one of the most important – and often overlooked – types of insurance coverage. Stalwart Insurance serving residents of Pittsburgh, PA, can help you protect yourself against financial losses beyond what your standard auto, home, or business liability policy covers. Here are a few ways umbrella insurance can help you avoid financial ruin.

1. Expanded Coverage

The biggest advantage of umbrella insurance is that it expands coverage beyond what you already have. The coverage limits of an umbrella policy are typically higher than those offered by other insurance policies. This means it can provide coverage for damages exceeding your existing policies’ limits.

2. Greater Protection

Umbrella insurance provides greater protection against various claims, including libel and slander lawsuits, property damage caused by tenant negligence, and so much more. Umbrella insurance policies can help protect you from financial ruin due to a lawsuit or accident that would otherwise be outside the scope of your existing coverage.

3. Reduced Financial Risk

Umbrella insurance also reduces your financial risk in case of an unexpected event. In the event of an expensive judgment, it provides additional coverage to help protect your assets. This can be invaluable when it comes to avoiding financial ruin.

4. Peace of Mind

Finally, knowing you have the added security and protection provided by umbrella insurance policies can give you peace of mind that you won’t find elsewhere. Knowing that you are covered for various potential risks can help you sleep better at night.

Avoid Financial Ruin With Stalwart Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an innovative and affordable way to protect yourself against the unexpected. Stalwart Insurance serving residents of Pittsburgh, PA, can help you find the right umbrella insurance policy for your needs. Contact Stalwart Insurance today to learn more about how umbrella insurance can help you avoid financial ruin.

Don’t get caught without flood insurance!

Stalwart Insurance can help homeowners in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area find the right flood insurance policies to protect their homes. Flood insurance is often a brilliant idea for homeowners who don’t live in a flood zone. Contact our office to find out more!

Why flood insurance is such a great idea

The main reason that flood insurance is a smart idea is that most homeowners’ policies don’t cover losses and damage caused by flood water. If you live outside of a flood zone but in an area that receives some flooding, it may be time to consider getting a flood insurance policy. 

Many homeowner policies determine coverage based on the cause of the loss. This means that certain types of damage may not be covered depending on the cause and your specific policy. For example, water damage caused by faulty plumbing might be covered, but damage from flooding during a storm might not. This reality can cause a lot of problems for homeowners who find they lack adequate coverage. 

Every policy is different, and if, upon review of your current policy, you determine that you don’t have protection in the event of damage caused by a flood, it could be a smart idea to get a separate flood insurance policy. Damage to a home that is caused by floodwater can be significant. There’s no reason not to look into the benefits of flood insurance before you need it!

We are here to help you with your flood insurance needs!

If you own a home in the Pittsburgh, PA area and have questions about flood insurance, the team at Stalwart Insurance is here to help. Give us a call or come by our office today!

How to Determine If a Car Is Considered a Classic

For car enthusiasts, the question of what qualifies a car as a classic can be hotly debated. While there are no definitive guidelines, specific characteristics tend to make a car classic. If you’re wondering if you should insure your car as a classic, Stalwart Insurance of Pittsburgh, PA is here to help.

How do I know if my car is a classic?

A classic car is a vehicle at least 25 years old and maintained in good condition. The term "classic car" can also refer to a particular style or vehicle design, such as a muscle car or a sports car. Some people also consider classic cars to be those no longer in production. This makes them more valuable, as they are collector’s items.

The difference between Classics and Antiques

There are a few key differences between classic and antique cars. Classic cars are usually at least 20 years old, while antique vehicles are typically at least 45 years old. Additionally, classic cars are often still in good condition and can be driven regularly, while antique cars are usually only operated on special occasions.

Insuring a classic car

Classic cars are a type of vehicle that is not mass-produced. They are typically older models that are considered to have a high value. Because of this, they often need a different type of insurance than what is generally offered. This is because classic cars are expensive to repair and can also be challenging to find parts for.

If you own a classic car in Pittsburgh, PA, let the experts at Stalwart Insurance find the right insurance policy. Our helpful agents understand the unique considerations classics need. Contact us today to learn more.

Steps to Getting Homeowners Insurance

Your home is undoubtedly the most expensive asset, and you can’t risk losing it to something as unpredictable as an earthquake or a fire. That’s why you need homeowners insurance. If you plan to get homeowners insurance from Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA, here are the steps you need to take:

1. Determine how much coverage you need. The coverage you need depends on the value of your home and your personal belongings. To get an idea of how much coverage you need, take an inventory of your possessions and estimate their value.

2. Choose the right policy for you. There are different types of homeowners insurance policies available. Understand how each can protect your home and belongings so that you can choose the right policy for your needs.

3. Read the fine print. Once you have selected a policy, be sure to read through the terms and conditions carefully. This way, you will know exactly what is covered and what is not.

4. Make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Homeowners’ insurance rates can vary significantly from one insurer to the next. Be sure to shop around and compare rates before making a final decision. Also, check if there are discounts you can qualify for.

4. Get quotes from Stalwart Insurance. Once you’ve chosen the right policy, you can get quotes from Stalwart Insurance by speaking to one of our insurance agents. We will provide you with a competitive quote based on your needs.

Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA will ensure you and your family are protected in the event of an emergency. Contact us today to learn more about our homeowners’ insurance policies and to get a quote.

Should You Maintain Auto Insurance If Your License Gets Restricted or Suspended?

Stalwart Insurance, serving the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, can help you find the right auto insurance policy for your needs. We also take the time to answer questions from our customers. One of the questions recently asked is whether you should continue your auto insurance policy if your license gets restricted or suspended. We highly recommend you do. Here are a few of the reasons why. 

Auto Insurance Covers Your Car While It is Sitting In the Driveway

An auto insurance policy may cover your car while sitting in your driveway. Full coverage auto insurance policies protect your car against vandalism and theft, two things that unfortunately can happen, even if your license is suspended. 

Auto Insurance Covers Your Car When Someone Else is Driving the Car

Even if your license is suspended and you are not driving your car, someone else in your household may be operating your car. Continuing to carry insurance helps to ensure your vehicle is covered in case someone else drives your automobile. 

You May Be Required to Maintain Auto Insurance to Keep Your Car Registered

In the state of Pennsylvania, you have to have auto insurance to register your car. Your registration may lapse if you drop insurance coverage on your vehicle. This can lead to fines and fees when your license is reinstated, and you want to re-register your car. 

Continuing to Carry Insurance Helps Prevent a Lapse In Your Auto Insurance Coverage Period

Lastly, if you drop your insurance coverage, you will be uninsured for a period of time. When you purchase auto insurance, you may pay higher premiums if you had a lapse in your auto insurance coverage period and were uninsured for a period of time. 

If you are in the market for auto insurance, Stalwart Insurance, serving the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, is here to help you. Call or email us today to obtain a free estimate. 

Should I Buy Renters Insurance if I Have a Roommate?

You finally found the perfect roommate and moved into your dream apartment. You’re excited to start this new chapter in your life, but there’s one important question you need to answer first: should you get renters insurance? On the surface, it may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if you have a roommate. But in reality, there are several good reasons to get your renters insurance, even if you have a roommate. Here’s why.

1. Limits

While you can share a renters insurance policy with your roommate, there are limits to what the policy will cover. For example, most policies limit the amount of personal property coverage, which means that if you have expensive items or a lot of belongings, your possessions may not be fully covered. Additionally, many policies exclude certain property types from coverage, such as jewelry or collectibles. If you want to make sure all of your belongings are protected, it’s best to get your own policy.

2. Claims

In some cases, you and your roommate may need to file a claim on the same policy. For example, if there’s a fire in your apartment and both of your belongings are damaged, you’ll each need to file a claim. But if you have separate policies, your claims will be processed independently, and you won’t have to worry about one claim affecting the other.

3. Liability

Your renter’s insurance policy will provide liability coverage if someone is injured in your apartment. If you’re sued, your policy will help pay for legal fees and any damages you’re ordered to pay.

If you’re thinking about whether or not to get renters insurance, Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA can help. Our team of experts can help you understand your coverage options and ensure you have the protection you need. Contact us today for more information.

Umbrella Insurance: Coverage for Unexpected Life Issues

If you have a home and at least one car, you probably have experience with insurance policies. You need them for your vehicles to protect yourself and others. You also need one for your home, since it’s your biggest asset. But the policies you have may not always be enough, depending on your coverage level and other circumstances. Stalwart Insurance can help you find an umbrella insurance policy that will add to your existing coverage and give you more peace of mind if you’re in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Umbrella policies do precisely what their name implies. They cover you and provide protection, over and above what you already have from your homeowners and vehicle policies. Some people choose to have an umbrella policy if they have a significant level of assets to be more fully protected if there are any claims made against their insurance by other parties. It’s unnecessary to have a high level of assets when you get an umbrella policy. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Working with knowledgeable agents can be very helpful if you’re in the Pittsburgh, PA area and interested in finding out more about umbrella insurance. You can get your questions answered and look at the different types and sizes of policies to pick the one that’s right for your needs.

Reach out to us at Stalwart Insurance today, and let us help you find the policy that will give you proper coverage and peace of mind. By working with professionals who can help, you’ll feel secure in the policy you have, what it covers, and the protection you’ll have if something unexpected should happen. Expecting the unexpected is a big part of what insurance is for, and we can help you get the right policy.

Do I Live in a Flood Zone?

With flooding on the rise – even in areas that do not commonly see significant water accumulation – the need for flood insurance has never been higher. Depending on where you live or the type of mortgage you have, you may be required to carry flood insurance. Contrary to popular opinion, flood insurance is not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, and even the smallest amount of water can cause thousands in damage. 

According to FEMA, high-risk flood areas are identified on the Flood Insurance Rate Map under the label "Special Flood Hazard Area." These areas meet this threshold by having a 1% or higher chance of having a flood event that equals or exceeds the previous year. If you live in a high-risk flood area and have a mortgage, you’ll be required to carry flood insurance. Low-risk flood zones are labeled as Zone C or Zone X. Bear in mind that just because you live in a low-risk flood area, it does not mean you cannot suffer damage from a flooding incident. Consequently, the best way to protect yourself and your home are to have adequate flood insurance coverage. Furthermore, FEMA’s flood zones are not updated in real-time, so you may be looking at historical data that does not adequately reflect the current situation.

For more information on flood insurance and to purchase a policy, give Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA a call. We’ll help determine if you are in a flood zone and illustrate flood insurance’s benefits. Give us a call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a member of our team. 


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