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High-Risk Auto Insurance: Options for Drivers with Challenging Records

Are you a driver with a challenging driving record? Have you been labeled high-risk by insurance providers? Stalwart Insurance can help if you are in Pittsburgh, PA. You still have options to acquire the necessary insurance coverage to drive on the roads legally.

Insurance providers label drivers as high-risk for various reasons like accidents, tickets, or DUI charges. Once considered high-risk, drivers face a significant challenge to get the required auto insurance coverage.

However, you have options! In Pennsylvania, high-risk drivers can access the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan (PAARP), a safety net for drivers turned away by insurance providers. The program ensures that every high-risk driver has access to insurance coverage to drive legally. 

Another choice for drivers labeled high-risk is non-standard insurance companies. These companies offer insurance coverage to drivers with challenging records, often at higher rates than standard insurance plans. High-risk drivers should be careful when choosing non-standard insurance companies and ensure that the company is registered with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department to avoid scams and for protection in case of fraudulent activities.

If you have a challenging driving record, consider improving your driving skills. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) offers the PennDOT Mature Driver Improvement Program, designed explicitly for licensed operators aged 55 and over. Completing the program can lead to a discount on your insurance premium, and most insurance companies in Pennsylvania accept the certificate of completion.

In conclusion, being labeled high-risk by insurance providers does not mean you cannot drive legally. Pittsburgh, PA drivers should explore their options and make informed decisions. PAARP, non-standard insurance companies, improving driving skills, and carrying adequate liability coverage are all viable options for drivers with challenging records. Don’t wait. Contact Stalwart Insurance today to get the coverage you need.

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