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Should You Maintain Auto Insurance If Your License Gets Restricted or Suspended?

Stalwart Insurance, serving the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, can help you find the right auto insurance policy for your needs. We also take the time to answer questions from our customers. One of the questions recently asked is whether you should continue your auto insurance policy if your license gets restricted or suspended. We highly recommend you do. Here are a few of the reasons why. 

Auto Insurance Covers Your Car While It is Sitting In the Driveway

An auto insurance policy may cover your car while sitting in your driveway. Full coverage auto insurance policies protect your car against vandalism and theft, two things that unfortunately can happen, even if your license is suspended. 

Auto Insurance Covers Your Car When Someone Else is Driving the Car

Even if your license is suspended and you are not driving your car, someone else in your household may be operating your car. Continuing to carry insurance helps to ensure your vehicle is covered in case someone else drives your automobile. 

You May Be Required to Maintain Auto Insurance to Keep Your Car Registered

In the state of Pennsylvania, you have to have auto insurance to register your car. Your registration may lapse if you drop insurance coverage on your vehicle. This can lead to fines and fees when your license is reinstated, and you want to re-register your car. 

Continuing to Carry Insurance Helps Prevent a Lapse In Your Auto Insurance Coverage Period

Lastly, if you drop your insurance coverage, you will be uninsured for a period of time. When you purchase auto insurance, you may pay higher premiums if you had a lapse in your auto insurance coverage period and were uninsured for a period of time. 

If you are in the market for auto insurance, Stalwart Insurance, serving the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, is here to help you. Call or email us today to obtain a free estimate. 

Should I Buy Renters Insurance if I Have a Roommate?

You finally found the perfect roommate and moved into your dream apartment. You’re excited to start this new chapter in your life, but there’s one important question you need to answer first: should you get renters insurance? On the surface, it may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if you have a roommate. But in reality, there are several good reasons to get your renters insurance, even if you have a roommate. Here’s why.

1. Limits

While you can share a renters insurance policy with your roommate, there are limits to what the policy will cover. For example, most policies limit the amount of personal property coverage, which means that if you have expensive items or a lot of belongings, your possessions may not be fully covered. Additionally, many policies exclude certain property types from coverage, such as jewelry or collectibles. If you want to make sure all of your belongings are protected, it’s best to get your own policy.

2. Claims

In some cases, you and your roommate may need to file a claim on the same policy. For example, if there’s a fire in your apartment and both of your belongings are damaged, you’ll each need to file a claim. But if you have separate policies, your claims will be processed independently, and you won’t have to worry about one claim affecting the other.

3. Liability

Your renter’s insurance policy will provide liability coverage if someone is injured in your apartment. If you’re sued, your policy will help pay for legal fees and any damages you’re ordered to pay.

If you’re thinking about whether or not to get renters insurance, Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA can help. Our team of experts can help you understand your coverage options and ensure you have the protection you need. Contact us today for more information.

Umbrella Insurance: Coverage for Unexpected Life Issues

If you have a home and at least one car, you probably have experience with insurance policies. You need them for your vehicles to protect yourself and others. You also need one for your home, since it’s your biggest asset. But the policies you have may not always be enough, depending on your coverage level and other circumstances. Stalwart Insurance can help you find an umbrella insurance policy that will add to your existing coverage and give you more peace of mind if you’re in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Umbrella policies do precisely what their name implies. They cover you and provide protection, over and above what you already have from your homeowners and vehicle policies. Some people choose to have an umbrella policy if they have a significant level of assets to be more fully protected if there are any claims made against their insurance by other parties. It’s unnecessary to have a high level of assets when you get an umbrella policy. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Working with knowledgeable agents can be very helpful if you’re in the Pittsburgh, PA area and interested in finding out more about umbrella insurance. You can get your questions answered and look at the different types and sizes of policies to pick the one that’s right for your needs.

Reach out to us at Stalwart Insurance today, and let us help you find the policy that will give you proper coverage and peace of mind. By working with professionals who can help, you’ll feel secure in the policy you have, what it covers, and the protection you’ll have if something unexpected should happen. Expecting the unexpected is a big part of what insurance is for, and we can help you get the right policy.

Do I Live in a Flood Zone?

With flooding on the rise – even in areas that do not commonly see significant water accumulation – the need for flood insurance has never been higher. Depending on where you live or the type of mortgage you have, you may be required to carry flood insurance. Contrary to popular opinion, flood insurance is not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, and even the smallest amount of water can cause thousands in damage. 

According to FEMA, high-risk flood areas are identified on the Flood Insurance Rate Map under the label "Special Flood Hazard Area." These areas meet this threshold by having a 1% or higher chance of having a flood event that equals or exceeds the previous year. If you live in a high-risk flood area and have a mortgage, you’ll be required to carry flood insurance. Low-risk flood zones are labeled as Zone C or Zone X. Bear in mind that just because you live in a low-risk flood area, it does not mean you cannot suffer damage from a flooding incident. Consequently, the best way to protect yourself and your home are to have adequate flood insurance coverage. Furthermore, FEMA’s flood zones are not updated in real-time, so you may be looking at historical data that does not adequately reflect the current situation.

For more information on flood insurance and to purchase a policy, give Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA a call. We’ll help determine if you are in a flood zone and illustrate flood insurance’s benefits. Give us a call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a member of our team. 


Auto insurance FAQs

Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA is an independent insurance agency that believes they have a responsibility to customize your insurance for you and your vehicle while keeping in mind the state-mandated insurance requirements. We are Stalwart. Reliable, hardworking, faithful, and solid. You can count on us to be there for you from the time we sell you a policy through any claims you may file. 

What auto insurance is required in Pennsylvania?

You must maintain liability coverage on your motor vehicle in Pennsylvania. If you don’t keep this coverage, your registration will be canceled, and there will be a penalty for reregistering it. It is not something that you want to have happen to you. The coverage you must maintain is 15/30/5. If you have a car loan, you also need coverage on the vehicle. 

Who needs to add gap insurance?

If you have a car loan and your vehicle is totaled relatively quickly, you could find that the money the insurance company is willing to give you for your vehicle is not enough to pay off your loan. That is where the gap comes in. The gap insurance will make sure you don’t lose money and lose your vehicle. 

Does auto insurance cover a rental car?

If you have full coverage, your auto insurance should cover your rental vehicle. If you are in doubt, call your insurance agent to make sure. If you have basic insurance, you will need to try another way to pay for the car rental insurance, like your credit card. 

Do I need car insurance when my car loan is paid off?

Yes, in Pennsylvania, you need to have basic liability coverage of 15/30/5. 

Contact Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA when you need to discuss your auto insurance needs.

Is it time to adjust your life insurance?

The team at Stalwart Insurance is here for our clients in the greater Pittsburgh, PA metro area. If you are unsure if your current life insurance policy meets your family’s needs, we are here to help. Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to help you make an informed decision to protect your family.

Why your life insurance needs may change over time

When your family is young and growing, your main concern is protecting your children’s future should something happen to one or both parents. As time passes, you may now be considering the future of a surviving spouse or other similar needs. Fortunately, there are life insurance policies available that can protect you and your family through these stages and more.

With a variety of whole life policies, it is possible to accumulate a cash value within the life policy. This can allow you to provide funds for many of life’s big expenses, such as college tuition, the weddings of your children, and ultimately, retirement. Because of this cash value accumulation, whole life is a flexible vehicle that can protect your family’s needs across decades.

Term life is more of a temporary solution because it only provides a death benefit. However, if you have determined that a term life policy best fits your needs, you will need to ensure that the coverage level changes with your needs.

Is it time to adjust your life insurance? Give us a call today

At Stalwart Insurance, we know the important role that life insurance plays in protecting our families. If you are a resident in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, let us help you find the policy that’s right for your family. Call our office today and schedule a consultation to find out more!

How Does Home Insurance Work?

If you own your own home, it’s vital that you keep it protected with home insurance. This insurance typically comes with several types of coverage that protect you in different ways. If you need home insurance, don’t wait. Call us at Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA.

House Protection

Part of the protection that you get from your home insurance is protection for the house. This coverage protects against a wide range of risks such as certain disasters. It is important to have this protection because of how expensive it can be to make major repairs to your home. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars, or even more, to get your home repaired after a major incident occurs. 

Item Protection

The items inside your home are worth a lot, and you need coverage for them. Your home insurance policy will also have protection for your belongings. This can save you from having to pay for everything to be replaced by yourself. It helps you to get back to where you were before the incident happened that ruined your items. Without this protection, you might have to start over again with no belongings. 

Liability Protection

Another part of a home insurance policy is for your liability. If someone were to come to your property and have an accident while there, you are likely to be liable for the medical bills. With home insurance, that can be paid by the policy instead of it coming from your pocket. Many people don’t think much about this coverage, but when you need it, it’s much better to have it in place.

Protect Your Home

If you don’t have home insurance in place, it’s time to get a policy. Give us a call today at Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA to find out more. 

How is renters insurance different from home insurance?

As a renter, you probably have a lot less responsibility than a homeowner. But you still own things and that means you need insurance to protect what you own and what you have. Life comes with risks and anticipating those risks and being prepared for them gives you peace of mind. At Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA, we are committed to delivering insurance solutions. We work for our clients, not the insurance company, and we won’t stop until we make sure you get exactly what you want and need. 

The biggest difference between renters’ insurance and home insurance is property coverage. As a homeowner, you need to insure the building itself. As a renter, since you don’t own the building you don’t need to cover it, that falls to your landlord. but, if you are assuming that your landlord has any insurance that protects you, you are misguided. Your personal items are your responsibility. 

Renters insurance usually includes three types of coverage; liability, contents, and loss of use. All of these provide valuable protection. 

Content coverage protects your furniture, electronics, clothes etc. They are covered in your rental and also when they are with you away from home. You have two options for coverage; the actual value, and the replacement cost. 

Liability coverage protects you if someone is injured at your rental or by a member of your family. It pays for medical as well as legal expenses. 

Loss of use will be a big help if your rental is damaged and you need a place to stay until your rental is habitable again. It pays for a hotel and a short-term rental if that is needed. 

When you want to discuss renters insurance, Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA is here to offer you the best products at a fair price. 

The Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance can come in incredibly handy, and you should consider how likely you are to need it. We will discuss this more in the article below. 

Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA is proud to offer umbrella insurance, and you can contact us if you think you might need it. We work with many providers, so you will be given several quote options. 

How Likely Are You To Need It

Whether you need umbrella insurance or not depends on how likely you are to use it. In short, umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance if you cause accidental harm to another person or their property. 

Usually, your car insurance comes with some liability coverage if you are involved in an accident with your car, but you need to check how much this covers, as it’s usually not enough. Liability insurance is also not just relevant for a car accident, but can also be needed for:

  • If you accidentally hurt someone or damage their valuables
  • If you’re falsely arrested
  • If you’re sued for mental harm to another person
  • If your dog causes significant harm to another person

People Who Need Umbrella Insurance

While everyone could be at risk of the situations above, people in certain jobs will be more at risk of being sued for any of the above reasons. For example, journalists or lawyers risk accidentally harming someone mentally due to their job, so they should consider umbrella insurance, but also dog walkers, as they take responsibility for other people’s dogs whilst at work. 

You can call Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA to discuss umbrella insurance options, and we will talk you through the different quotes. 

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance is a special type of insurance that protects your property and personal belongings against flood damages. It is a separate policy from standard home insurance that usually does not cover damages caused by flooding. You can purchase flood insurance regardless of your location – flood insurance policies are available to all homeowners, even those who do not live in flood-prone areas. 

What Is Covered By Flood Insurance?

Here is what is covered by flood insurance: 

  • Structural damage to the building. Flood insurance covers structural elements and essential equipment, including damage to the HVAC unit, plumbing and electrical systems. Here is what normally a flood insurance policy covers: the home itself and its foundation, built-in kitchen appliances (refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, freezer), permanently installed cabinets and shelves, detached garages, etc. 
  • Personal belongings. Your personal stuff, including clothing, furniture, and other personal items is covered by flood insurance. However, the coverage may be limited for certain valuable items. 
  • Content coverage for basements. Flood insurance may cover content coverage for basements but usually, this coverage is limited. 

Stalwart Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA – Your Safety Is Our Priority

You may think that you do not need flood insurance, especially if you do not live in a flood-prone area. However, this type of insurance has many benefits. If you are thinking of getting it, and you live in Pittsburgh, PA, or any other surrounding area, Stalwart Insurance is ready to help. We specialize in all types of insurance, including flood insurance. Our mission is to help our clients get insurance based on their preferences and budget. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or want to know more about the rates. 

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